Tivoli Commission of Enquiry is a money pit !

I struggle to contain my anger at what passes for COE in Jamaica and the results or lack thereof that has emanated from every one of these enquiries.

There is one sure outcome and it is that the Commissioners and lawyers have been handsomely rewarded and paid their due sums of “hard earned” cash. The Jamaican public however have been left feeling empty as there is typically just a long report at the end of the process and nothing to address the issues that led to a COE being formed in the first place.

In this enquiry thus far, former Prime Minister spent almost 4 days on the stand and NOTHING new came from him. What we heard was a rehash of the very same information, which came from the Mannatt-Dudus COE. Former National Security Minister, Dwight Nelson is currently now on the stand and what I am hearing is once again a repeat of the Mannatt-Dudus enquiry.

The people of TG lied through their teeth all the way, never willing to speak the truth despite the persistence of the lawyers.

So when all of this has ended, I am sure what we will get is a 1000 page report and the Commissioner and Counsel will walk away with a combined total sum of just over $300m and nothing would have been achieved from this process to change the way we address matters like this in the future.

What happened in TG could have been easily predicted, given the way the security forces deals with people who they confront on a daily basis.

The Jamaican security forces kills on average 140 Jamaicans each year, which is twice the amount of people that were killed in Tivoli Gardens and that is EVERY YEAR!

The question that must therefore be answered and for which we DO NOT need a commission of Enquiry is

” Why does the security forces in Jamaica kill so many Jamaicans ?”.

The answer to the above question will give allow us to

  1. Devise strategies to kill less of our people
  2. Devise operations that will see less forceful confrontation
  3. Devise new rules of engagement between the security forces and civilians
  4. Change the training program of the police force
  5. Create new tactical forces fully equipped to handle security issues without the need for military
  6. Provide the security forces with aerial support to help coordinate surgical strikes using minimal force to reduce causalities
  7. Restructuring of some of our communities with the removal of zinc fences and creation of proper road network to reduce possibility of cops being ambushed in some of these improvised communities.
  8. Address the social infrastructure which leads to some of the issues highlighted above

There has been many reports covering most of what I mention above, so what is really needed is the political will to implement these actions.

The COE is really a money pit .


One Response

  1. I struggle to understand why a poor country as our allows this type of injustice to occur ever so often.
    The real issue is the people with the voices are those who stand to make money, hence the silence

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