National Security Interest Personal Property Securities Registry, is too much information?

Alarm bells were ringing last Friday, when it was revealed that peoples personal information was being made available to the the following website

The concerns were that way too much information was being made available to the general public and peoples security could be at risk, so the obvious question is what is my opinion.

Well, I am well aware that in the USA where our Jamaica politicians love to purchase property most of what is contained in the SIPP in Jamaica is actually available. I will point readers to the Broward Country Property appraisers website, which I have displayed on this site more that once in fact I will show you the link from 4 years ago to this sort of information.

As you can see from the link you can get a vast amount of information about our own people who purchase homes in the Florida area

That is just an example of the kind of information that is available on Jamaicans who have property interest in the Florida area, the information is publicly available.

Mark Golding information Property in Broward County

Has Mark Golding paid his property taxes.

Given the above does the Jamaica website have too much information ?


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