What is the position on the revocation of EWI License and the 381 MW Project

Its over two weeks now since Phillip Paulwell told us ” him a tek weh imself” from the 381 MW project. At the same time he indicated that the cabinet along with the OUR , was looking at revocation of the amended license that he issued to EWI

At the same time we asked what about the approx US$7.5M or J$750m, that was to be held given that EWI had failed to meet its commitment. The Attorney General of Jamaica at the time Was asked to provide a legal opinion at the time and he indicated it would have been inappropriate to do so at that time.

We are about to get into the third week and we have not heard a work from Phillip Paulwell, the Cabinet, the OUR or the Attorney General on this matter, which has commonsenseja wondering, what on earth is really going on in this country.

We were told that an enterprise team is in place but we have yet to hear  from this team thus far???




2 Responses

  1. It amazing how we appear only to react to what is currently in the news and don’t appear to be interested in matters of real importance following grand announcements.

    EWI was big news two weeks ago, now we are not even asking the right questions.

  2. Why is the Jamaican public afraid or unwilling to question this government ?

    I am at a loss

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