Gays and the Buggery Law in Jamaica

This is no doubt a hot button issue and has been the subject of much conversation in recent times but I am now throwing my two cents  at it for what its worth.

Firstly the buggery law, which is on the books makes it an offence for Men having sex with men (MSM )as well as animals, I don’t recall it saying anything about men having anal sex with women, which now appears to be very popular here in Jamaica.

I would suspect that those who want the buggery law repealed, would want to keep the section which makes it a criminal offence to have sex with animals, but remove the section with MSM, even though I have not heard them suggesting this.

If one examines the buggery law and what it really means, does it not mean its a criminal offence for MSM in public?  The law as it stands ( I stand corrected) does not allow law enforcement or anyone to enter your house at any point in time to see who you are having sex with, so how on earth would they know if MSM is in fact taking place, where would be the proof?

If a male couple however decides to take what is supposed to be a private matter into the public domain, then that is where it become an issue as it public and the evidence is there for all to see, so what is the big deal?

Heterosexual couples are not allowed to engage in sexual acts  in public either and can be arrested and charged for indecent exposure according to the laws of Jamaica.  The law however would not come into play if this heterosexual couple where enaging in sexual activity in the privacy of their homes.

Now, I want someone from JFLAG to explain to me what is the issue with the law, which affects the people which they represent given all that I have mentioned above.

Now to the second issue, which is the one of the spread of HIV/AIDS

All research done appears to indicate the risk of passing on HIV/AIDS is significantly higher in MSM that any other groups, but why is so ?

Why is it that MSM posses a higher risk of contracting the disease that others and why are we seeing higher rates of infection in this group.

Is it that these males are irresponsible,  promiscuous and refuses to use protection that is readily available to ALL.   It is a known fact that condoms offer relatively good protection so why are these males refusing t use it.

No one can suggest that these males cannot access condoms because of the buggery law, that is pure nonsense, since I have never heard anyone asking the buyer if he plans to use in on a male of female.

The people attacking Professor Bain have indicated that his testimony ensures the buggery law remains in place , which makes it difficult for MSM gain access to HIV/AIDS treatment, which in turns proliferate the spread of this infectious disease.

If this is not hogwash, I don’t know what is and let me break it down for you.

  1. MSM has a higher risk of HIV/AIDS than any other group – FACT
  2. Condoms offers very high protection against the spread of HIV/AIDS – FACT
  3. You cannot get HIV/AIDS by being around and or sharing the same space, glass toilet etc with someone who has the disease. – FACT
  4. Life style contribute significantly to contraction and the spread of the disease. FACT
  5. Aids/HIV is a public health issue like any other disease. FACT
  6. Government is  there to slowdown/prevent the spread of diseases via laws education etc. FACT

Gays and their surrogates are addressing the wrong issue, where their focus is on treatment, AFTER the persons has already contractor the dreaded disease, which he contracted as a result of his lifestyle.

Where are the mitigating factors that are preventing people in the gay community from reducing/minimizing the risk of contracting the diseases, given the FACT they know the sexual acts they perform carries a higher risk than other forms of sexual acts ?

Why am I not hearing gays advocating for example for condom makers to make condoms that are stronger, which would lower the risk of being torn during their sexual acts ?

Why are they not advocating for other means of protecting from themselves from the dreaded disease vs pushing for access to treatment AFTER contracting the disease.

It is said by many advocates that those countries that decriminalizes MSM see a slower rate of spread of HIV vs countries that don’t. This statement is another one of those, where a results is attributed to a cause, when there is no direct link between the outcome and the action.

The countries that decriminalizes MSM are today mainly the developed countries, where medical treatment is well advanced and access to  healthcare is better than most of the developing countries where the healthcare system is not as advanced.

Let’s look at certain disease that affect some third world countries eg cholera, malaria, why would this be a problem in developing countries but not so in the developed countries.

The main reason not because some system exist that prevents people from obtaining healthcare, the fact is, the problem which results in these disease affecting these countries is the the lifestyle of the people, which is largely influence by poverty and lack of proper measures to prevent the disease from taking root in these countries

Were these countries to put in place systems to change the people’s lifestyle and prevent the disease, so many persons would not die from these diseases, which are virtually non-existent in developing countries.

In the USA the reason for the slower spreading of  HIV/AIDS and the lower death rate is not due to decriminalization, but instead its due to better education, people taking responsibility in trying to protect themselves and a better healthcare system, with better drugs than one can get in the other countries where buggery remains a criminal offence.

So in summary the argument which is be posited to suggest that its criminalization  of buggery that is contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS is nothing but the stuff that comes as a result of that act.

Me done talk.


One Response

  1. Up until 1973 or there abouts, homosexuality was classified as a mental illness. This designation was removed to appease this group based on studies engineered by an ever increasing vocal and confrontational group.

    MSM sex is riskier than male-female sex because the anus wasn’t made for sexual pleasure. HIV is contracted due to blood contact and this result with a high frequency during anal sex (even with women). I listen to a family member who works as an Infectious Disease professional, specifically, STD testing, transmission and public health-related issues and deal with homosexual males on a daily basis. They are very cavaliering when it comes to safe sex and multiple sexual partners. Some will even deliberately get infected, something I think they call “chasing”, if their partner is HIV +. HIV Infection is only one STD that this group is exposed to at a high frequency. Gay men live for sex and is probably the only group that I know that will go looking for anonymous sex in public parks, restrooms or bathhouses. A large number of gays would care less about getting an STD and is constantly on the prowl for sex. This goes back to the whole mental illness classification. In Jamaica we also have the “down low” gay males who get marry to females, although they continue their MSM practices.

    No matter how wants to examine this subject, homosexuality is indeed a mental illness and no amount of public intimation or careful public relations, financed by a very wealthy group, can get around that FACT.

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