Dwayne Vaz did no wrong

Dwayne Vaz is a youngster, who is “up to the time” and listens Vybz Kartel. He is in tune with the music and the people and so his expression which is a reflection of the music is understandable.

He is human and many condemning him have tracks upon tracks of Vybz Kartel playing all time, after all he is the biggest and one of the most talented DJ to have emerged out of Jamaica in a long time.

Gun lyrics are nothing new, they are a part of the way of Jamaican music and has been that way for a very long time.

We allow corrupt politicians to steal and get away with millions while failing to put our their light bulbs, but we are ready to dump Vaz for merely saying what we say everyday.

Jamaicans need to focus on what is important, things like crime, corruption, health and education and not some lyrics from a convicted murder repeated by a young and overzealous young man.

People like Phillip Paulwell and Dr Davis have done irreparable damage to the Jamaican economy and ruined thousands of lives, but they are still there and have even been rewarded with medals for their destructive tenor.

Leave Vaz alone, he is young and is entitled to make a few minor  errors along the way



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