Bunting’s decision not to have his child born in Jamaica is sending the wrong signal

The decision by Peter Bunting to not have his child born in Jamaica is sending the wrong signal about our healthcare system.

This decision by Peter Bunting is an expression of no confidence in the ability of our healthcare system to provide good care for his young born.

In 2010 when Audley Shaw sent his then premature baby to a overseas hospital he was taken to task by local doctors who expressed anger at his decision.

Will that same anger be expressed at Bunting, or is that just reserved for the JLP. I shall wait and see what happens.



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  1. How do you know that the decision to have the child in Miami was Bunting’s? The mother/wife was actually born in Miami. Many women who are Jamaican citizens have their children in the US for various reasons. Some do it because they can get free health care at the expense of US taxpayers (Medicaid), while others do so that the children automatically are born with US citizenship, which comes in handy when it comes time to apply to US Universities, being qualified to apply for Financial Aid (Pell Grant, Student Loans, etc.) and being able to secure jobs in the US after graduation from college.

    In Shaw’s case, his daughter was also born in the US (Florida) had spent over 5-months in the ICU. That 5-1/2 months stay in the ICU in the US cost close to US$1 million. I wonder who paid for that? An individual I know, who went to the US to have her baby, the child was born prematurely, spent 3-months in the ICU and the cost was over US$650K. She did not pay a dime towards the huge debt she racked up while in the US and simply ran back to Jamaica after the 3-4 months after childbirth, sticking the US taxpayer with $650K bill.

    BTW, many Jamaicans matriculate to US or UK Universities on an annual basis. Is that an indictment of the Jamaica tertiary educational system? You labourites have a deficit in the reasoning department. You, Jay, is at the top of that list!

    • Haha, the expected comrade response. Its funny when the Doctors blasted Shaw for his decision, many supported these doctors and Shaw had to mount a strong defense.

      I am sure you supported the doctors back then, so why not raise those very questions now.

      Why would a minister want his child to be an American citizen rather than a Jamaican and live under the system he help to create.

      You people are , blinded by politics you cannot tell your head from your tail.

      Where is there allegiance to Jamaica, is it good enough our kids but not good enough for theirs.

      Man comrades can sound like house slaves.

      Bunting has expressed a vote of no confidence in the healthcare system in Jamaica in wake of the dead baby scandal and is taking no chances.

      He is damn right !

    • The “Anchor Baby” argument is irrelevant in this case, as the Mother is already American born.

      The “Free Money” argument only goes to support the REAL argument – that our rich and powerful feel no responsibility to Jamaicans – and demonstrate this regularly. They needn’t concern themselves with Jamaica, because they can get what they need in another country.

      The rest of us can get our babies infected in hospitals for all they care.

      All that is being created is a new class of Jamaicans. A parasite class that takes from Jamaica, to give to foreign countries, while reaping the benefits of both Jamaica and America.

  2. am sure you supported the doctors back then, so why not raise those very questions now.

    There you go making assumptions again. The decision to seek out treatment for a medical illness is soley the domain of the individual. Who am I to second guess, what amounts to be a highly personal decision? I did not question the Former JLP Security Minister (Derrick Smith) or PNP Agricultural Minister (Rober Clarke) decision to seek medical treatment in Miami because that is their business. It is interesting that it was a local Nurse in Jamaica who actually diagnosed Derrick Smith’s condition, when the local doctors where clueless as to what was the cause of his ailment. In Clarke’s case, the ultimate outcome wasn’t favorable, despite his attempt to use the medical services outside of Jamaica.

    I always intrigue by your ability to sidestep directs questions that are put to you, especially when such questions put you in an akward position of debunking your falsehood and the logical answers to such questions exposes your shallow reasoning abilities. The intent of these threads (on your blog) only demonstrate how political hacks like yourself have failed miserably to score political points for your inept party.

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