Bad gas Scandal- Updated !

So the Minister has asked that 17 gas station be closed for selling bad gas.

The Minister has failed to ask publicly for the distributors of bad gas to close.

Minister ,who imported the bad gas in November ?

Who signed the permit for the importation of the bad gas?

What is the link between the importer and the PNP if any ?

We have one Denominator  ie the Importer/Distributor and multiple Numerator is the Gas Station Owner and Consumers, but who does the GOJ go after, you guess right the ones at the end.

How easy would it be to identify the importer/distributor, pretty ease right ?

What would it cost the country to identify the importer/distributor, next to nothing, right?

So the question is, why did we not go the easier, most cost effective and most direct route?

The minister choose instead the most expensive, timing consuming and least direct route. We have people from the BSJ who could have been otherwise engaged driving to stations and wasting gas to collect gas, take it back to the BSJ and then perform testing.

All the above is going to run into millions of dollars, while the potential exist for the importer to continue to sell bad gas in the trade to ensure all that was imported is off loaded.

We sure have a very smart and astute Minister of Energy , who is wasting energy to catch the bad guy, when a simple call to the Commissioner of Customs and  emailed scanned copy of the import entry could have solved this problem in less than 15 minutes.

So the man at the end of the food chain suffers but someone made millions from the bad gas and is likely to face not penalty, will the public allow this injustice to happen?



7 Responses

  1. One common denominator multiple numerator but in true Jamaican detective work we go chasing the numerator. How smart is that ?

    Someone is not well !

  2. I’m convinced, the more I read your threads, the extent to which your thought process is severely handicapped.

    . Who said there is a single denominator?

    2. What proof do you have that the gas was contaminated (“bad gas”) outside of Jamaica? Is it possible that the gasoline was made bad upon hitting the distribution system within Jamaica?

    3. Are we talking about “legal” suppliers/distributors, which would allow the BSJ to zone in on a single source (or a few sources) of the contamination?

    4. What is the link between the importer and the PNP (if any)?

    It is reported that the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency of the Jamaica Constabulary Force has been called in to investigate the source of the bad gas. We would hope that the JCF is impartial enough to divulge who the importer(s) are, allow individuals like yourself to make the PNP “link” (real or imagine).

    5. Minister, who imported the bad gas in November?

    Really, how do you know the affected gasoline was imported in November? Is that what your JLP source is telling you? If you know this a as a fact, you should be able to tell us who the importer was?

    6. One would think that these 17 closed Gas Station Operators would be more than willing to identify who the distributor(s) is/are, at this stage of the game. After all, they are on the hook for millions of dollars in civil claims for damage to people’s vehicle, not to mention the possible criminal charges that are forthcoming if they brought the contaminated product from unlicense/illegal sources.

    • Thanks for the correction.
      Wayne , the gas trade is DEADLY, read between the lines. No one at the end of the food chain is going to risk his life to talk the things.

      The Gas did NOT come from Petrojam, that we know. Now how big a start is that Wayne.

      If you were in charge this this FACT, where would you start

  3. Won’t name the stations or the company that imported the bad gas! Won’t name the brand of infested tissue paper or the importer! Who has the interest of the consumer?

    • The interest is to protect the genetically and politically connected chucks. I am amazed the country is willing to accept this kind of Sh#t so often.

      This is one sick country and I mean sick

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