Judge expected to resign amid corruption probe !

Hell, no this would never be in Jamaica, but why not ?

Here is the actual story.

Republican state District Judge Angus McGinty is expected to resign as soon as Friday amid allegations he reduced bail on defendants who appeared before him in exchange for auto repairs on his personal vehicles, federal and courthouse sources confirmed.



The United States of America has a way to deal with errant judges, they can be investigated , arrested and charged for corruption, if and when that occurs, but what entails in Jamaica.

Can a sitting judge in Jamaica be investigated ?

Which authority in Jamaica would be so authorized to carry out any such investigation ?

Given the link that appears to exist between some lawyers , judge and high ranking members of the police force , can any such investigation ever take place and if one is every started can it lead anywhere?

These are very serious questions because if one cannot trust the justice system in this country, then hope is all bust lost in terms of the dispensing of justice.

I am once again calling for the people of Jamaica to lobby the Government to create and a new team of law enforcement officials who can operate in the very same way the FBI does in the United States.


Political Parties, Courts Seen As Most Corrupt



Who investigate and prosecutes corrupt police, lawyers, prosecutors, politicians  and judges in Jamaica ?




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