How can we have Jamaica’s most scandal plagued Minister as a VP of a political party ?

Jamaica is seen a corruption plagued country and there is very good reason for this being the case.

Jamaican politicians are considered corrupt and once again there is a good reason for this.

Phillip Paulwell holds the record for the most corruption scandal as a Minister since independence and despite the many allegations leveled against him by the Contractor General as well as damning reports from the Auditor General he has never been sanctioned by the PNP.

Paulwell not only survived all those scandals, he appears to thrive on these and appears to be held in high regard by the upper echelon on the PNP. He has been held in such high regard, that recently he has been promoted to Vice President of the party .

Word on the street is he is on his way to become party leader later this year, with the pending departure of Peter Phillips.

If this does in fact happen, Jamaica will find that it will never be able to shake off the stain of corruption in the political process as there is no way on earth that a people who appears to abhor corruption could elect a man whom the stench of corruption follows him around , to one of the most senior position in the party.

It appears to be very clear to the public at large that the delegates of the party and by extension those who support the party, actually supports systemic corruption as that could be the only reason he continues to be there.

Dr Peter Phillips could leave a political legacy if he were to force Phillip Paulwell to resign and be expelled from the party having overseen so much corruption scandals at MSET and would put Jamaica on the map has finally having the balls to address deep rooted corruption.

We urge Dr Peter Phillips to do the right thing.



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