Murders are welcomed in Jamaican churches but not Gays

Jamaica is indeed a very interesting country, with some very interesting people. We currently have what is probably a record for the most churches per square meter, yet has one of the worst murder rates in the world, yet we consider ourselves to be a christian country.

We have seen many  murderers being baptized in our churches and there have been rejoicing in the church when this occurs along with showers of praises by church members.

Recently a pastor at an Anglican Church in Vineyard Town washed the feet of a lesbian couple and there have been nothing but condemnation by the “christian” community save and except for a few folks who appear to have a better understanding of the role of the church.

Some persons have vowed not to go back to the church as gays are not welcomed and have chastised the priest for doing what he did.

Now, in a country where murders are welcomed in the church and greeted with open arms, why do we refuse and object so strongly to members of the gay community ?

Jamaica is indeed a rather interesting country.


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