Happy New Year !

As 2014 leaves us  and we usher in 2015, I do hope that this year will be a much better one for the people of Jamaica. In 2015 we need to our shoulders to the wheel and work assiduously to make this country a better place. While we are doing this we must push for a greater level of accountability of of our public officials and leave no stone under turned to root out corruption in this country.

Corruption has cost this country billions and Jamaica is poorer today due to wanton corruption in both the public and the private sectors.

The young people , which represents the majority must let their voices be heard in 2015 and must move to participate in the governance process, given the significant government policies will have on their lives in the future.

I do hope Jamaicans can once again learn to love each other and do not allow themselves to be divided and used by the political parties , as this type of behaviour has never been one to move the country forward, instead it has only worked in favour of the political hacks, while leaving the country poorer.

In 2015 the people of Jamaica must ensure the government works for the people at all times and that all decisions are in the best interest of the country and not a political organization.




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