$5000 Hair style on a $5 head sparks outrage, really?

I swear there is something wrong with the people in this country. I swear over 50% of the population is bi-polar, because only that can explain the reaction to the Pastor for saying

” Its makes no sense to have a $5,000 hair style on a $5 head, it’s better to have more in the head than what is on the head”.

What the Phuc is wrong with this statement, which part is not true and what about it makes it disrespectful to women, what about it makes it “classiest”, give me a freaking break.

We call from the truth but prefer to hear a lie, which is no wonder our politicians are such good liars, because they that is what we really want.

The pastor called Jamaican man ” sperm donors ”  but I hear no outrage in the society about that categorization of our men, why , because we are only men.

These women who are calling for the head of the Pastor need to go get a life and leave the man alone. he was spot on, job well done.

The truth must be told and who feels offended that is their problem, well done sir!

A dat me seh



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  1. Well said

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