What did PNP Government really know about Goat Island Project and when did they know it. The Grand Deception

Another commonsenseja expose`

Does anyone really know what plans the Chinese have for Goat Island?

Does the Government knows what plans the Chinese have for Goat Islands ?

This is what the government had to say yesterday

Speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday, Transport, Works and Housing Minister Dr Omar Davies said the Chinese company did a “tremendous amount of technical work”, which included analysing tidal movement and depth of the sea, and ruled out Jackson Bay and Port Esquivel as possible sites for the project.

The Gleaner reported the following :

After conducting technical studies in sections of the island, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) rejected sites that would subsequently be suggested by concerned interests as alternatives to the Goat Islands for the establishment of logistics facilities.

But with its studies completed at least a year before the intervention of environmental interests, CHEC had instead proposed to build port facilities at the Goat Islands, located in the Portland Bight Protected Area, and to connect them to a logistics yard in Old Harbour, St Catherine, by causeway.

When did we become aware of the Chinese interest in Goat Island , does anyone remember ?

Well let me jog your memory, perennial non performer Robert Pickersgill said from China sometime in August 2013 that the government was giving “serious consideration for the use of Goat islands for the logistics hub”.

Now let’s juxtapose that with the Gleaner report, which was based on statements made by Omar Davis and which i have highlighted in bold. But with its studies completed at least a year before the intervention of environmental interests, CHEC had instead proposed to build port facilities at the Goat Island.

Now the environmental group only started making “noise ” in August 2013, right, but based on the the statement above the study by the Chinese was completed a year ago, which would have been August 2012.

This would suggest that the Portia Simpson Miller lead administration immediately having assumed power, were in discussions with the Chinese for the use of Goat Island and would have know at least a year ago( 2012) that Goat Island was the preferred choice for the logistics hub.

Now again, being on an inquiring mind unlike others and always looking for what appears to be inconsistency statements by this deceptive government, I will now point you to this statement.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013  Jamaica Observer

CHEC turns down Fort Augusta development

PRIME Minister Portia Simpson Miller said yesterday that the decision by China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) not to proceed with plans to establish a new trans-shipment port at Fort Augusta — now serving as the island’s sole female prison — is not an abandonment of the project


So May of this year( 2013) our Prime Minister said the Chinese were no longer interested in Fort Augusta, the big question therefore becomes, when did the Prime Minister get this information and what other information did she get ?

If the Chinese conducted extensive studies on various project sites, would that have done this without the knowledge of the present government? The report we have says all these extensive studies were completed from as far back at August 2012 and Goat Island was selected as the preferred site for the hub from back then.

Can someone tell us therefore why the Prime Minister and by extension the Government kept feeding us the notion that Fort Augusta was being considered when at least a year before that the Chinese had rejected that site ?

Are we to believe that the Portia Simpson Miller led Government were not aware of the studies and the subsequent findings  and the preferred site of the Chinese was Goat Island ?

I think the answer to both questions is no and so it’s reasonable to assume  this Government lied to the people of Jamaica about its true intentions and choose to withhold information from the people of this country

The Government knew since August 2012 of the intention of the Chinese to use Goat Islands, but choose to carry out what I can only describe as an act of grand deception for a year, before dropping a hint of its intent while on Chinese soil.

This is reason enough to not trust this PNP Government, who appears willing to go at great length to deceive the people of this country.

Nothing from this Government on the real plans for Goat Island can be accepted without serious questions being asked.

The Government of Jamaica is not credible.

Mi haffi run now will finish this post later.


3 Responses

  1. Seems as if commonsenseja was right on the money once again, given what is here.

    Both former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, and his Minister of Transport and Works Mike Henry confirmed that CHEC has always been interested in constructing a transshipment facility on the Goat Islands, to benefit from Jamaica’s proximity to the newly expanded Panama Canal, scheduled to reopen in 2015.
    But Golding and Henry had insisted that the project would have to be constructed on the Jamaican mainland.


    What is clear here is the PNP knew from the day they came in office that Goat island was always on the table but kept giving us the impression that Fort Augusta was still on the cards.

    When PSM when China, she signed the agreement, giving the Chinese Goat island.

    When will the PNP admin stop lying and speak to the Jamaican people..

  2. Going once , going twice, going three times, sold. Goat Island goes to the Chinese for $X b.

    How much grant did we get again ?

  3. Confirmation !

    AFTER months of speculation played out in the media and the public domain, the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) yesterday confirmed that Goat Islands will indeed be the site of a Chinese seaport. The port, which will form a part of the much-touted logistics hub, will provide 10,000 permanent jobs, Professor Gordon Shirley told the Jamaica Observer yesterday. “It will be the Great Goat Island and Little Goat Island and some lands to the north of there,” said Shirley, chairman and CEO of the port management agency.


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