Mayor Barnswell continues to hold public office, why ?

Why is disgraced Mayor, Sean  Barnswell still sitting in an office and being paid by tax payers after  being criminally charged by the Government Prosecutor ?

In most decent and law abiding countries, such a mayor would be forced to resign if he refuses to resign based on his own moral and ethical standard.

By virtue of his decision not to resign, Mayor Barnswell did not think he did anything wrong and his moral and ethical compass is of such that he will continue to hold that office as long as the people says he should remain.

Like I said yesterday, Jamaica gets what it wants and Mayor Barnswell refusal to go, is further proof of the declining  standards that exist  in Jamaica today. The behaviour of our kids is a sad reflection of what they have been taught by the adult population in Jamaica, where doing wrong is no longer wrong as long as you can get away with it or can justify  why you did it.


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  1. Leave Comrade alone. He did nothing wrong. When are you going call for the resignations of the two JLP MPs that was implicated in money laundering, the MP that ordered the hit on his fellow Labourite, the MP that snatched the murderer/rapist from the arms of the police; the MP that was still running his Construction Business and getting GOJ Contracts, the three JLP Counselors that were collecting two pay cheques from the GOJ, the MP that capture the GOJ land without paying for it, even when asked; the MP that was labeled a narco-trafficker; MP who said she was not a US Citizen, when in fact she was…,……….so on

    • What about the pnp councillors that were engaged in fraud? what about the pnp member whose friend stole his gun and shot someone.?These people are like the delinquents you mentioned, Mr. Barnswell is also culpable. . People like you do not have a problem with corruption, PNP PEOPLE HAVE NO SHAME

  2. Lippy, read about one of the “no shame” Comrades and one of the future leaders of the great party, who is heading off to Harvard Law School. One of the many capable Comrades in the PNP Leadership pipeline. Can you show me one equally smart up and coming JLP cohort? I want Jay and youself to join me in wishing this young man the best in his endeavours. Read and weep.

    PNPYO Vice-President Resigns, Heads To Harvard Law School

    First Vice-president of the People’s National Party Youth Organisation (PNPYO), Kevin Smith, has resigned.

    Smith is heading to Harvard to study law.

    In an interview with The Gleaner last night Smith said he stepped down from the position in September.

    He said “it is a bitter sweet moment” but he is happy to be joining the prestigious institution.

    “I am happy, it’s an illustrious law school, so I’m really happy about that achievement but at the same time a lot was going on here for me in Jamaica.

    “I’m leaving good friends [and] family, that’s the bitter part of it.

    Nevertheless I have to pursue my own personal endeavours.”

    Asked if he would return to politics upon his return to Jamaica, Smith said he wants to make a contribution.

    Smith leaves later this month.

    • Its a pity he has to be associated with such a corrupt institution.
      Hopefully when he gets to Harvard he will be inculcated with antibody, which would remove the corruption that is present given his association with the pnp.

      When he gets back he would hopefully have turned his back on anything corrupt and try to change the corrupt culture in the organization.

      That is my wish Jeff.

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      • Jeff, I am going to migrate, if you like the pnp that is your right, but I want nothing to do with those scumbags in the pnp. You can all go to hell

        • Jeff, I am really weeping, don’t worry your joy will turn into sorry really soon.

        • So you are getting ready to migrate and head to greener pastures while sending the rest of us to hell? Hmmm…you are true Labourite…just remember that there are more Comrades outside of Jamaica and inside. We are everywhere. Anyway, I wish you the best and hope you broaden your horizon beyond its narrow confines. Hopefully you can provide some help to the myopic JLP so that they will be able to win another election in this century. 🙂

  3. PNP councillors say the Mayor office should be well respected by all and overseas is treated with utmost respect.
    To that man I ask, which mayor could have criminally charged in whichever jurisdiction and still be in office.

    Shameless bunch !

  4. “Delusions of Grandeur”

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