That “Leggobeast” label, is it true and was it appropriate?

Firstly what is a “leggobeast”.

A “leggobeast” is a wild or unruly person in the Jamaican context.

When the minister said ” do not send your leggobeast children to school and expect the school to reform them” he was perfectly in line, because that is what the many careless mother and fathers are in fact doing.

It’s time we call a spade and spade and “done” with the “niceness”, we have a problem with these kids and their “wutless” parents and this needs to be addressed.

The minister was forthright, frank and honest with his description of them and I don’t care what anyone think, he was spot on.

Those who do not have to face these ” leggobeast” and their “leggobeast” parents can talk all they want, as this is always what Jamaicans who have no clue what is going on behave. They always looking for political correctness, when what is needed at time is brutal honesty.

Now that the minister has said it, he has NO need to apologize, instead all those calling for him to apologize needs to figure out what they can do to address these many ” leggobeast” who are present in the classroom, before they become “leggobeast” with guns and we come face to face with them in the streets.


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