“Rusty” Bolt “Screws” up Gatlin and USA bid for sprint dominance

Usain came in to world championship as an under dog, having been injured and race rusty. Gatlin on the other hand was oozing with confidence have been unbeaten in two years in both the 100m and 200m and was widely considered the man to beat.

Commentators like Oto Bolden where suggesting that Gatlin would give Bolt a lesson and take him to the clinic and criticizing others who said they felt Bolt still had it in him to win.

For every race that Gatlin ran against Bolt it got progressively worse for him and his ego.

In the 100m Bolt won by a very narrow margin of just 0.01 sec. Gatlin said he made a mistake and that cost him the victory, but he would bring something very special to the 200m.

In the 200m Bolt destroyed Gatlin with 100m still left to run and had time to slow down and job across the line, while winning by a clear 4m or more.

It was down now to the 4 x100m and this is were it got worse, as Rodgers was so desperate to get ahead on Bolt that he ran away without even collecting the baton, before stopping to do so. This time Bolt winning margin was by at least 10m or more, totally decimating the USA Team.

The USA team came second by was later disqualified leaving them with nothing, to further rub salt in Gatlins. now severely bruised ego, which was now an oipen wound.

Gatlin said ” the noise was so loud in the Americans lane, that Rodgers could not Gay and hence the reason for the poor exchange”.

So a rusty Bolt should by in China and screwed Gatlin and the USA sprint team.

Even at his very best and Bolt at 75% no one was able to beat him.


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