JLP should go and tame the “leggo beast Warringman” and leave Ronnie alone

The JLP has become a party that is now majoring in minors and allowing the really big things to slip by.

Recently the education minister in speaking about the social ills in schools, which incidentally makes its way outside of the school, admonishedt parents and told them they need to do more for their kids and stop leaving that up to the school.

He said ” do not send your leggo beast children to the schools and expect us to reform them” ( I am paraphrasing him here).

Since then the opposition spokes person  in education and now the party leader have been all over the media, demanding that Ronnie withdraw the statement.

They both have indicated the following, which shows how clueless they really are or plain dishonest in misrepresenting Ronnie’s statement.

  1. Every child no matter how troubled they are have a right to education,( duh, who said they should not)
  2. The language used( to aptly) describe these kids will only serve to promote further child abuse.

At no time did the minister said or implied that deviant children should not be sent to school. I know they both know that what the minister is really saying  ” unno need fi do more fi unno bad pickney dem a nuh unleash dem pon d school and expect d school to fix these deviants”.

The Minister choose the right words and used is correctly, because their exist a real problem that CANNOT be solved by the Minister, the Ministry or the schools. Wutless parents go around breeding like dogs, then unleash their “leggo beast” off-springs into the schools to terrorize other kids and teachers, this must end.

No way does the language promote any abuse of kids verbally or otherwise. We need to at times be brutally honest and say it as it is, too much of the political correctness.

The JLP have a real leggo-beast in its midst, which they cannot or refuse to control and this “leggo beast” is turning off people from the party, as heis clearly that he is out of control.

The JLP therefore needs to tame its “leggo-beast”, if they hope to attract young people to the party. I will go as far as to suggest, that the fact that this “leggo-beast” which remains in the JLP and is shown on TV warring with the media on a regular basis, without sanction is seen by these very troubled kids who are now of the  belief that its ok to be a “leggo beast”, because you will get lots of attention, makes the print media and on TV too.

There you go guys, go fix your problem as this one “leggo beast” has the potential to create plenty more, simply because he gets an enormous amount of attention and escapes punishment. leaving many potential ” leggo beast” to think its perfectly and acceptable form of behaviour.

Why am I so tough on labourites, its simple, they need need to refocus their energies in the right place if they are serious about showing up for the next GENERAL ELECTIONS

Guys,  Ronnie is one of the most loved politicians on both side of the fence, he makes a statement of fact to teachers at a teachers conference. His statement is factual and is accepted by many parents as being brutally honest.  You don’t go after him as it gains you no sympathy and no love from those whom you think you are protecting, duh.

The JLP needs to get a grip and  have a better understanding of how Jamaicans think, react and behave and the things they consider to be important to them.

Go after those issues that are in sync with the views of the people, choose your battles carefully and size up your opponent properly.

Don’t go chasing after what you consider to be every “mis-step” or ” ill advised” words as they then to show you up as being petty and searching for stories.

The leggo beast statement is a twitter fodder, don’t believe the articulate minority, its not them or their views that is going to take you to the finish line ahead of the fast finishing Bolt.

Their is a big difference between 9.79 and 9.80.  While on 1/100 th of a second, its the difference between gold and silver, the difference between first and second place .

Memba dat !

A word to the wise is sufficient.


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