The “Missing” 4 years of the Jamaican Prime Minister

The Jamaican Prime Minister was sworn in January 2012 and has largely been “missing” since then, making it “ the missing 4 years of the Prime Minister”.

Apart  from the regular news release that she is travelling overseas, or cutting of a ribbon here or there, this Prime Minister has been missing  should be called the Prime Missing-er .

She has not given a single decent interview to the media, she hides constantly, have her body guards abuse members of the media.

She has made one and a half ( remember she gave one speech with the Finance Minister, so I call that the 1/2 speech) since becoming Prime Minister, which is nothing short of a national disgrace.

She soon however will be all over the TV jumping and prancing about our athletes  performance, before running up and down as election draws closer and closer.

The “Missing 4 year of Portia Simpsom Miller”

Hail the Prime Missing-er


4 Responses

  1. And to think that this govt even has a chance of winning the next election, SMT. I have put my plan B’s in place if they win

    • Jay and you can start packing your bags, There is no way the PNP can lose the next election. Like Jay, we all now you have no Plan B, unless you are talking about that emergency contraception tablet….even though you are Doc, you don’t need even a prescription.

      • Sad eeh, what you have is crap and no alternative. Jamaica surely is failing from poor governance. Thank goodness for the athletes.

      • Sad indeed that people can even think that there is no hope so let’s continue with what we have

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