Does Jamaica need international bodies to validate our athletics prowess ?

We don’t need any international organizations to tell us we are the best in the world in sprints, do we ?

Of course we don’t because our performance on the field speaks for itself, we have the medals to show for it too.

Jamaicans know that they are the boss of the sprints and can proudly say so.

On the economic front however, we seem to be relying on the international bodies to validate our economic prowess.
People are suffering immensely, but all the international lenders who are all being paid have given our economic program a thumbs up.

Jamaicans at home are far from happy, but many would like for us to believe that from the perspective of the eyes of a lender, we are doing very.

Perspective is a helluva thing, simply because we are looking at the same picture and seeing things very differently. The issue is not that what we are seeing is wrong, instead its our focus that determines good or bad.

So the next time Peter Phillips tell us the international creditors are happy with Jamaica, ask him from what perspective are the looking.

So in athletics we know we are doing well as that is a nation wide consensus, but on the economic front, our reliance is what lenders say, how ironic.


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