PNP has turned Jamaicans into a pack of dogs, alI I keep hearing is “Roff, Roff”

The PNP has done what no other party anywhere else in the world has done to its people having ruled for 22 out of the last 25 years and that is have the people acting like dogs.

Just about anyone you meet today and ask ” Yow mi bredda long time mi nuh see how, how are tings.

The response is almost always ” Roff, Roff”.

Q2. ” How is things with the family”

Response ” Roff Roff”.

Question ” How are you to managing otherwise

Response ” Roff, Roff”.

Question ” How the drought affecting you

Response ” Roff Roff”

This is what the PNP has bought jamaicans too, on its knees and say ” Roff, Roff”.



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