New NHT board is the same as the Old NHT board;

The Government has announced a new National Housing Trust (NHT) board to be chaired by former Cabinet Secretary, Dr Carlton Davis.

The Cabinet has retained from the last board, Lambert Brown, Percival Latouche, Robert Budhan, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, Michael Harvey, Clayton Hall and Sonia Hyman.

Former head of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund, Scarlette Gillings, is among some new members.

She is joined by trade unionist, Granville Valentine, Lisa Harrison and Jacqueline Lynch Stewart, general manager of the Bob Marley Foundation.

Essentially all that has occurred here folks have been added to get the board to the designed number of board members as required under the board of governance mandate.

The PSOJ, the JMA and civil society all bought the idea that a “new” board would have been appointed after some “new members” were added last year.

The government basically simply just carried on from where it left off last year in a vulgar dismal of the will of the Jamaican people.

I wait to see how the private sector groups and civil society will react to this gross disrepute to the public by the Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller.

Will this country ever hold elected leaders accountability or will we continue to accept the crap we are given on a daily basis.

I am sorry but frankly the level of accountability in this country STINKS !

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