What a bunch of “Krauck” from Anthony Hylton !

Krauck-Systems is a Engineering Management company, whose expertise is rooted in what is called conflict free engineering. The company is a project management company and that is there strength.

Essentially Krauck Systems would be employed by a entity to manage a project given their skills , the intent of which is to bring project to completion, within time and on budget.

Now as I mentioned Anchor Financial group are investment advisors, so pairing the two companies offers nothing in terms of design and building out a logistics hub.

The two entities would therefore need another company, who has expertise in logistics hub designs and operations to under take such a project and to date we have not heard about a third party being involved discussions.

This entire announcement is there nothing short of a bunch of Kruack and nothing will emanate from this project, which is a non starter.

Anthony Hlyton in his haste to give the impression that he has somehow sturck a major deal, FAILED to even spend one day looking at the companies, because his focus was totally wrong.

Anthony Hylton was given something he wanted to see and therefore could not contain his excitement allowing his emotions to get away from him and came to the public with a rubbish MOU.

I think Anthony should apologise to the country for having misled the nation with his Memorandum of Mis-understanding


One Response

  1. Professor Gordon Shirley lead team has basically “killed” the so called logistics hub and in their report they have question the capacity of the group to fund this logistics hub.

    Oh my, here we go again !

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