PNP will do anything to show unity, even at the expense of the country

The PNP is a political organization, which is so concerned about its own public image, that its members will coalesce around a matter to give the impression of unity, even if by doing so it is likely to bring significant cost to the country.

The “apparent ” signing of the MOU for the “up” $5B worth of “possible” investment in Jamaica’s logistic hub is one such case, as clearing the cabinet members all know , that what was presented by Hylton was a bunch of “Krauck”.

Why would a government take this risk, given the most recent events with EWI, which came in to a energy process under strikingly similar manner.

What is it about the PNP, which continues to allow the Prime Minister and her cabinet members care more about the image of the party, than about the island of Jamaica. Is it that the PNP knows that the articulate minority will make noise for a few days before going back to their computers and the inarticulate majority could not gives a rats ass about governance matters in this country.

Whatever it is the PNP seem to have a “Knack” for choosing the wrong people to drop “Anchor” with.


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