Mayor Barnswell “folly”

Firstly, the fact that this man is still a mayor is in itself an indictment on the Jamaican population in Clarendon and Jamaica by extension as it relates to good governance, recall this man was criminally charged ,

With that now out of the way, I want to spend a few minutes speaking about the nature of our politicians and why as a country we cannot get anything done correctly.

Last night on the news, it was reported that the town of Maypen was fitted with quite a number of CCTV to not only record crimes, but also to address others issues such as illegal garbage disposal etc. I was not surprised however to hear that the Mayor had no idea if these were being monitored and was unable to say how many were working, given reports that a number of them were out of service.

The Mayor said, he would either go or have someone go to the police station to determine how many were working and move to have that sorted out as soon as possible. While that was bad enough, it was the next statement that floored me.

The mayor said he was looking at installing more CCTV in and around Maypen to increase the number of cameras that were available for surveillance.

So, the Mayor does not know how effective the existing system is, does not know if they are being monitored, does not know how many are in or out of service, but plans to invest in more CCTV for Maypen.

This is such a wonderful Mayor doing such a great job, in typical Jamaican politician style.

Well done Mayor Branswell, very lucky to still have a job and really on the ball with what you are currently doing.

This is true accountability Jamaican style.

Will the major media houses call out Mayor Barnswell on this folly, or is that left to this blog?



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