Peter Bunting is failing because he sees National Security the same as Financial Security

Peter Bunting is no doubt a successful man and is certainly not a dunce, that is a fact. It therefore begs the question, why despite his success as a business man has Peter done such a poor job as National Security Minister. I think I have found the answer to that question or will at least provide the one I think best explains it.

In the financial securities world, you tend to focus on two types of analysis for securities namely

  1. Technical Analysis
  2. Fundamental Analysis.

These are the very same two that Peter Bunting appears to be using in the crime portfolio and here is why I think so.

Technical Analysis

In the financial world, this type of analysis focuses on graphs, charts and data to predict price movement especially stocks.

You would notice that every time Peter opens his mouth he speaks to about the above. Let’s use his move recent statement about Derrick Smith, plus another recent statement

Statement #1

According to Peter Bunting under the leadership of Derrick Smith in the National Security Minister, the murder rate was 7 Jamaicans being killed per day, when compared with Peter Bunting tenure as MNS, where this has fallen by over 50% to 3 – 4 per day.  This in Buntings eyes means things are better and so one has no reason be alarmed.

Statement #2

“For the month so far, we have averaged 3.2 murders per day compared to 2.75 per day for all of 2014. If this rate continues, we could see the month ending with approximately 100 murders,” Bunting said in statement to the House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon.–says-Bunting

Both statements above are classical examples of Technical Analysis, being used by Peter Bunting to address Jamaica.s growing crime problems. The later statement is to predict where murder will trend just like how it would have been used to predict future stock price. The fact is human life is just not a number, you do NOT have 3.2 murders or 2.75 murders. There is no 0.2  or 0.75 people, its ALWAYS a whole number , always an integer, people are 1, 2 , 3 etc.

How about Fundamental Analysis

This is the use of financial statements to determine the health of a company and then using this to determine future price movement of its stocks based on what is gleaned from the various  financial statements.

Let’s look at his most recent statement in this regard

Bunting sees no direct correlation between crime, poverty

ROSE HALL, St James — National Security Minister Peter Bunting says he does not subscribe to the view that there is a direct correlation between poverty and crime.–poverty_19151687

Here Bunting is saying based on the Data available to him, there is no direct link between crime and poverty.

Now, the matter of crime is far more complex that a set of charts or a few data points and that is where there is a big difference between Financial Security and National Security.

Peter Bunting is very good at Financial Securities but he is sadly misplaced in National Security and needs to be removed before his actions or lack thereof causes murders to rise even higher.

That is my analysis of this Minister and why he continues to fail.



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  1. I told you so.. Crime is down but Murder is up. Minister of National Security.

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