Peter Bunting is correct about ” John Crow Politics “

While many Jamaicans are attacking Peter Bunting on his recent statement regarding “John Crow” politics , I would want to agree with man but for a different reason.

The idea behind the use of word John Crow by Peter Bunting is very instructive, because that is exactly where I would like to focus.

John Crow is a vulture in Jamaica and feeds on carcasses of the dead, be that animals or humans. Since becoming the Minister of National Security Peter Bunting has had a very difficult time taming the crime monster and for this year in particular, things have gotten out of control.

The number of murders taking place daily has resulted in John Crows circling around as dead bodies keep showing up everywhere. The proliferation of John Crows in the skies around Jamaica  is a sign of Peter Buntings failure at politics and specifically in the area of National Security.  Peter Bunting certainly appears to be dealing with John Crow politics in National Security, because all his policies or lack thereof has done,  is to multiply the population of John Crows . which are now circling around to feed on the growing bodies of dead Jamaicans showing in in bushes, on the road side and in cane fields all around Jamaica.

So Bunting is correct about that John Crow politics statement, the sad part about all of this is he will retain this portfolio, when the PNP wins the next election.


One Response

  1. One caveat to the John Crow Politics comment: It is not only one party but both that practice this sort of crow bait politics in Jamaica. That is why I wonder why the comment seems so out of place to members of the JLP when they themselves practice the same thing, only that Bunting has put the comment into print. Think of the Dudus affair, wasn’t that John Crow Politics too ?

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