Lotto scammers of Americans easier to catch than lotto scamming murders of Jamaicans

I note that almost every night, we see the lotto scammers task force arresting scammers and seizing equipment and money. The alleged scammers are said to have been found with lead sheets, magic jack and computers and are accused to stealing millions from elderly Americans.

They are typically rushed before the courts and some have even been extradited to face criminals charges in the United States.

Murders on the other hand who are said to be involved in lotto scamming, can kill Jamaicans with impunity in the middle of the day and escape like ghost, never to be caught, why ?

Why is it easier to catch the guys who steal from the Americans but so difficult to catch the guys who kill Jamaicans, is it that the Americans are considered more important that our people.

The quadruple killing in Westmoreland yesterday, was said to have been linked to lotto scamming and this the police was able to tell us mere hours after the killings which occurred just meters from the police station.

Clearing, its not that the Jamaican police do not have the ability to act, as they have move swiftly and appears to be unto the scammers. What therefore explain the inability of the cops to catch the guys murdering Jamaicans over the very same lotto scamming ?


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