Peter “slays” Derrick Smith. John Crow politics !

Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting ripped into opposition spokesman on National Security and tore him to shreds last night. Calling Derrick the longest serving opposition leader ever since independence, Bunting called the politics practiced by Derrick as “JohnCrow politics”, this is the strongest language ever used by Peter since becoming National Security Minister.

The big question is, was Peter Bunting correct in suggesting the crime should not become a political football.

Well let me take you back to the Jamaica Gleaner, Sunday, April 11, 2010, when then PNP spokesman on National Security Peter Bunting, ripped into the JLP government, quoting the very same kind of statistics that Derrick Smith recently quoted.  Read it yourself here

Then read my analysis of what Peter had said below

Wow, how things seem to change with the shoe is on the other feet


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