Peter Bunting’s and PNP fourth crime plan in three years !

Crime Plan #1 2012

A National Security Policy to tackle the country’s ballooning crime rate with an intent to reduce murders from the current three per day to less than one over the next five years is to be made public next month, National Security Minister Peter Bunting announced yesterday.

The announcement comes in the wake of police statistics which show that 165 persons have been murdered in the first seven weeks of this year, 30 more than the corresponding period last year.

Crime Plan #2  Dec 5, 2013

Three-Pronged Crime Prevention Strategy Launched

Leaders and experts in crime fighting and prevention, along with a host of other stakeholders, including members of the Diplomatic Corps, came together on Thursday, December 5, to launch the National Security Ministry’s three-pronged crime prevention strategy, ‘United for Change’

Crime Plan #3  Jan 27, 2015

Today I will briefly update Parliament on the crime statistics for 2014, our short term response to the January 2015 spike, and outline some of the strategic measures being taken to improve the long-term effectiveness of our policing strategy.

Crime Plan #4, July 14, 2015

National Security Minister Peter Bunting says the Government will be pumping additional resources and using tough policing to arrest the 22-percent spike in murders over the first six months this year.

Minister Bunting says the anti crime strategies will be supported by enhanced social intervention measures.

The Security Minister told parliament that the major difficulty preventing the Police from adequately responding to the crime surge, is the absence of the requisite resources

How about Peter Bunting as opposition spokesman on National Security

October 22, 2008

PNP Blasts JLP On Crime Control

Meanwhile, the opposition Peoples National Party (PNP) has blasted the ruling Jamaica Labour Party for its inability to adequately put measures in place to deal with the spiralling crime rate.
The PNP says the Bruce Golding led administration has within the last 13 months shown no indication that it can deal with the crime situation facing the country.
At a press conference yesterday the PNP said it was startled by the latest statistics from the police force, which showed that between January and August, murders increased by 15 per cent when compared to the similar period last year.

Peter Buntings 2010 Crime Plan as opposition spokesman on NS

Two and a half years into its term, an incisive midterm assessment of the Bruce Golding-led government’s performance in the area of national security reveals its absence of direction and resultant malfunctions.

Where is the National Security Policy?

What the PNP would do differently

The People’s National Party is committed to making Jamaica a safe and just society and our philosophical foundation – the Progressive Agenda – declares that crime control efforts must be disciplined by the rule of law, due process, and respect for individual rights and human dignity. This approach is central to our party’s democratic values; ones we continue to stand for. Of the raft of policy proposals being developed by the PNP, there are three areas the PNP would place its emphasis on.

Targeting Organised Crime

A deliberate policy of local law enforcement during the last PNP administration was to work co-operatively with international law enforcement partners to target transnational criminal dons for extradition to jurisdictions that have stronger law enforcement capacity than Jamaica. This does not represent a diminution of Jamaica’s sovereignty but a practical acknowledgement of the enormous resources available to the transnational criminals and our political commitment to getting them convicted by whatever legal means available. We will return to this policy.

Because of the difficulty of getting witnesses to testify against organised criminals, technology needs to be employed more effectively in the collection and analysis of evidence (as well as more generally in the management of the police). Available technology can be employed in areas such as collection and analysis of DNA, computerised face identification programmes coupled with increased CCTV surveillance, and patrol vehicles with computers that have instant access to stored data. These are just some areas a PNP government would implement.

So in summary the man who had the plan between 2008 and 2010 has now come up with a 4th plan just over three years, yet crime continues its unrelenting upward trend.

You be the judge of the PNP and Peter Bunting’s performance. In his recent speech today, nothing new was offered, its more of the same

  1. More vehicles
  2. Plans for more cops
  3. More community policing
  4. More legislation
  5. More of the same old same

Yawn !


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  1. I just received the sad news that a female cop was executed on a public passenger bus late this evening.

    Enough is Enough Jamaica, its time to take a stand !

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