Why is Anthony Hylton still a Government Minister, have we no pride ?

Minister of Investment and Commernce Anthony Hylton was never qualified in the first place to take on this task. Recall the following  articles carried on my blog almost two years ago,


Another one was this


the final one was this


What can you glean from each of the articles above on this Minister. He appears to be a nice guy very approachable and all, but he is lousing when it comes unto business and commerence and one cannot take his words as he shows no real commitment to his personal affairs and now worse the country affairs.

I made one very bold statement in the very first article and I will quote it here.

Any public official who has such a large debt and has been unable to meet his commitment for such a long time (over 6 yrs) could easily become a target for wealthy investors trying to “invest” in Jamaica. What would prevent Jay for example who wants to bring investment to Jamaica, paying this US$122K bill in exchange for preferential treatment in investment opportunities ?

Very profound statement made two years ago. Now I am not seeking to impute the reputation of the honourable minister and I am not saying anything is wrong, but one cannot help but ask these questions.

The minister has made a huge mess out of this logistics hub affair and really needs to do the Honorable thing and step aside before he damages his integrity any further. Like we have seen on so many occasion, because we do not  hold members of the PNP to high ethical and moral standards, Hlyton too will survive as Paulwell as done on many occasion  and may very well one day become Prime Minister of Jamaica. 🙂



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