Those contributing the least, gets to take home the most.

As I read the GSAT stories today, I felt a sense of pride and my heart filled with joy as you read about the sacrifice made by parents, teachers and principals to push to get their kids educated. The story that struck me the most was the one on Padmore Primary. The Gleaner reported that the school was on a list of those to be closed by the Ministry in 2011 but the new Principal said give her some time.

Today Padmore thanks to the Principal, parents and students are sharing a proud moment, having gotten one child in the top high school in Jamaica( Campion) and other at other traditional high school.

The part that struck me the most was the Principal saying ” While I was at school teacher their kids, the parents would be at my home, cooking, cleaning and washing, just to make sure the kids had as much time at school and  the principal did not have to come home tired and still do home chores”.

Now if that is not amazing, then I don’t know what is.

This comes at time, when the highest paid public sector figures aka our politicians are insisting that people like the Principal at Padmore should starve to death , while they continue to drive around in $10m gas guzzling SUV, rack up millions of dollars in cellphone calls and even more millions in overseas trips that brings nothing back to Jamaica.

Jamaica is worse off today as a result of stupid and dunce politicians who are clueless on what true planning, dedication and execution means. They are comfortable, they do not have to make any sort of sacrifices and they can change the rules to satisfy themselves, while begging the rest of us to remain rooted in poverty, so they and their children can enjoy a better life.

Politicians contribute the least to moving Jamaica forward, yet they sit on top of the pile in earning. I will venture to say, they(politicians) are the prime reason why the country is in the bad economic state it finds itself in today.

I posit that  elect the Principal Keisha Hayles of Padmore Primary  the Prime Minister of Jamaica  She took the school from the brink (facing closure) in 2011 to great success and the best results in its history in 2015. This is more than I can say for sitting Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, who took over the reigns in 2011 and has failed to deliver anything substantial so far up to 2015 , and have been successfully in creating move poverty than when she took over in 2011.

There is no way on earth she ( Keisha  Hayles) can do a worse job than the current Prime Minister.

Jamaicans must really step back and begin to seriously question the capabilities  and commitment of our political “leaders” ( I hate this word in reference to these folks), who apart from speeches and desk pounding have moved the country further and further backwards, instead of the moving us in the forward direction.

Had it not been for Jamaican living overseas and some of our dedicated, nurses, doctors, teachers , policemen and businesses, this country would have been in an even worse position, with the level of incompetence that exist in the house of Parliament.

As bad as it is today, just image how much worse it would have been had it not been for some of the lowest paid people in the public sector.

So the those contributing the least and  does the most destruction in this country , still manages to take home the most and the general population appears not to see the huge problem we have here.

Like the man from the USA embassy said ” I am amazed at the level of tolerance that is on display by public sector workers in their negotiations with the government”.

I say to him, sir you are lucky it is not the JLP in power , if that was the case, you would be saying something completely different.

Clovis Toon

Courtesy : Jamaica Observer . Classic


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  1. Interesting. One wonders what would happen to all the traditional high schools had they not been given a chance.

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