Jamaica is poor, thanks to the PNP

The public sector workers and lower income Jamaica has been the one largely responsible for putting and keeping the PNP in power.

The levels of poverty, no salary increases, losing their possessions due to non payment of their deductions. Taking out $45b out of the money available for low income houses., rapid and massive devaluation of the Jamaican dollar.

This is the work of the PNP and how they have mismanaged the country.. Civil servants are largely wallowing in poverty thanks to the PNP and what is interesting is they have been fooled to think that by accepting a wage freeze they are contributing to the development of the country, while all the income they have forfeited is lost to corruption under the PNP.

If you are poor and unable to live without remittance, you will want to lift your hats to the PNP, they are the partly the reason you are there, the other part is your own naivety in beleiving the sh#t you hear from the political platform.

Think of any period when the PNP has been in power, when you have seen growth and your economic situation was moving in the right direction


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