PNP demands that Gov’t honours its agreement with Public Sector Workers

June 3, 2011 at 11:31am  ( Exactly 4 years ago, how time makes a difference)

The Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Dr. Peter Phillips has described the reported breakdown of wage talks between the Government of Jamaica and Public Sector workers and the prospect of extensive and prolonged disruptions of work in the public sector as a matter of grave concern for all Jamaicans.

Dr. Phillips urges the Government, as a starting point in any effort to revive the talks, to publicly acknowledge their legal and moral obligations to the workers. He says “The government must accept that the fundamental issue underlying the current dispute is the breakdown of trust that has been caused by the government’s actions over the past two years.  The money owed to the workers is money they legitimately earned in keeping with contracts solemnly entered into by the government and the workers.”

He continued “while everyone is aware of the severe fiscal constraints facing the country, the government nevertheless will have to demonstrate that it has a clear grasp of its responsibilities so as to continue the dialogue with the workers representatives and to find meaningful and workable proposals that would answer the legitimate expectations of the public sector workers who have held strain over the past two years and who have adequately demonstrated their patriotic commitment to Jamaica.  The ball is now clearly with the government to do its part.”

June 3, 2015 – 4 years later

— The ruling People’s National Party has called on public sector workers to be reasonable in their expectations and demands as members of the Police Federation remain off the job in protest of the Government’s five per cent wage offer.

Since Monday, several members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) have not turned up for work. This has adversely affected the operations of key sectors of the country.

A media release from the PNP Wednesday has since called for JCF members to be reasonable in expectations and demands, noting the importance of the success of the Economic Reform Programme to Jamaica’s Social and Economic well-being.

“In this vein we urge the leaders of associations representing public sector workers to return to and remain at the “bargaining table” and to be mindful of the objective realities which face the country at this time,” the PNP release said.

Jamaicans need to wise up, we are way to passive and need to use up greater than 1% of our brains.

Why is the JLP not demanding higher wages for public sector workers, like the PNP did back in 2011.  Its no wonder the public sector workers do not consider them to be too fond of them.

What more can I see, see it deh !



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  1. Why is media not highlighting this

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