PNP Commends Public-Sector Workers

Published:Saturday | June 18, 2011

THE OPPOSITION People’s National Party (PNP) is commending the public-sector groups and trade unions for working diligently to arrive at a resolution of their protracted wage dispute with the Government.

In a statement yesterday, opposition spokesman on finance, Dr Peter Phillips, said at every stage of the negotiations, the workers and their union leaders have appeared reasonable in their demands and responsible in their actions.

“The PNP is relieved that, finally, the Government appears to have realised that it has an obligation to pay public-sector workers what is due to them,” Dr Phillips said.

He added that it would have been helpful if from 2009 the Government had appreciated that the only way forward in dealing with the workers and the sums owed to them, was to have embraced sound and responsible industrial-relations practices, rather than resorting to unilateralism, high-handedness and arrogance.

The public-sector groups and the Government have been at odds over the payment of a negotiated seven per cent increase in salary owed to public servants from 2009

Source : Jamaicia Gleaner

June 3, 2015

PNP asks public sector workers to be understanding

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The ruling People’s National Party has called on public sector workers to be reasonable in their expectations and demands as members of the Police Federation remain off the job in protest of the Government’s five per cent wage offer.

A media release from the PNP Wednesday has since called for JCF members to be reasonable in expectations and demands, noting the importance of the success of the Economic Reform Programme to Jamaica’s Social and Economic well-being.

“In this vein we urge the leaders of associations representing public sector workers to return to and remain at the “bargaining table” and to be mindful of the objective realities which face the country at this time,” the PNP release said

The PNP is the best.

May the lord help public sector workers so they will not use their brains and return the PNP to power in 2016 !


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