Peter Bunting offers new explanation for Jamaica’s high murder rate

The Minister of National In-Security, Peter Bunting has offered the country a new explanation for the our very high murder rate. A few years ago Peter Bunting said, once the country got rid of Dudus, our crime rates would fall. Dudus was extradited and the crime rate actually began to fall under the limited SOE, but it was Peter Bunting himself who refused to extend this limited SOE at the time saying the GOJ had other options to fight crime.

Now that crime has begun to trend up, the same Peter Bunting is now suggesting that its

” the culture of violence in Jamaica that is feeding the crime/murder problem”.

He continued

” Until the citizen of this country shed this culture, the murder/crime problem is likely to continue for a long time “

He outlined a NEW 3 prong approach to crime ( the last 3 prong approach to crime was Janauary of this year, so this will make it a 6 prong approach).

One area that he mentioned was note worthy and I wondered if people really are analyzing the statements made by these guys or simply just reporting it, if not then thanks for coming here.

Target Root Cause Of Crime

Bunting also highlighted a raft of social-intervention initiatives he said would target the root cause of crime.

One of these he mentioned was job creation. I said what, hell no he did not just say that, no he could not after having made the following statement a few weeks ago. June 18, 2015

National Security Minister Peter Bunting says he does not subscribe to the view that there is a direct correlation between poverty and crime.–poverty_19151687

So less than three weeks ago Peter Bunting did not see any direct correlation between crime and poverty, but today part of his latest three prong approach to crime is addressing the issue of poverty through job creation.

Sigh, I have no faith in the abilities of Peter Bunting in the war on crime.



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