Peter Bunting’s latest 3 prong approach to crime, analysis.

I have said time and time again, we need to not just report the news, but we must get behind it, to see if what is being said make sense. I will now explore the Minister of National Security latest announcement of yet another new crime plan, the second such plan in less than six months.

Prong #1

Mobility of the security forces.

  1. 60 motor bikes had already been purchased for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF)
  2. He said orders for 45 patrol cars, 27 pickups, four trucks, and three buses are in the final stages of the procurement process.
  3. Delivery of new protected mobility vehicles (PMVs) for the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) had started.Nine PMVs are scheduled for delivery this year.

Let’s now examine this against the background of what has been supplied to the security forces  over the last three years

  1. Oct 23, 2013. The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) operational capacity has been strengthened with the acquisition of 39 motor vehicles, valued at over $136 million. “A little over a month ago I made a statement to the House of Representatives that we (government) had placed orders for 70 motor cars, six mid-size SUVs, 44 pick-ups, and 13 600cc motorbikes, as well as two 15-seater buses. I indicated then, that delivery would start within a month and it should be completed by the end of the year. So, this first handover represents the first tranche of those vehicles,” said Bunting.
  2. December 23, 2013. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has received 89 new vehicles, 72 from the Ministry of National Security, 15 from the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), and two specialized vehicles donated by the National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC)

How serious is the present PNP Government when it comes unto crime fighting. Let’s quickly examine the AG report and I will of course cherry pick the information to support my point, see table below

jcf data

So between 2007 – 2012  the Government of the day in the height of the financial meltdown acquired a total of 710 vehicles worth a staggering $1.5B.

This present government has not shown this level of commitment to outfitting the JCF and the results is there for all to see.

In 3 and a half years the PNP government has only acquired 111 vehicles for the JCF. WIth the expected  72 additional vehicles it will take this to to 183 in 4 years, less than 26% of what the JLP did in 4 years in office.[ Derrick Smith does not even know this, so Derrick here is some help for you 🙂 ]

Clearing the PNP is really not very serious about the mobility of the police force and how this play a role in the crime fighting effort. This latest move by Peter Bunting confirms this.

Peter Bunting made no reference to the requirement for JCF for optimum mobility and what levels these recent additions would take the fleet to, so we have no idea what impact these new to be acquired vehicle is likely to have on the crime fighting effort.

The acquisition of PMVs) for the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) is likely to have zero impact on the crime fighting effort as the JDF is not involved in the daily crime fighting process as does the police, so for me this is not likely to help the current situation.


So in summary the few additional vehicles to be purchased by the MNS, will have no or very little material impact on crime and criminality in Jamaica.

Prong #2

Target Root Cause Of Crime

  1. Social-intervention initiatives CSJP #3
  2. Employment opportunities
  3. Training ( for jobs of course)
  4. Restorative Justice
  5. Dispute resolution.

CSJP –  Citizen Security and Justice Programme

This program has  been around for at least 5 years and while the idea behind it is a good one, it in itself is really not one of the root causes for crime. This program is CSJP #3, which would have started from CSJP  #1, but we have hardly seen the impact it has on crime reduction in particular murder.

Employment Opportunities

Good idea, but it was this very minister who said there was no correlation between crime and poverty. Poverty has its roots in lack of training and employment opportunities. So Peter, were you lying back then or lying now. If you honestly believe there is no correlation between crime and poverty, why have you singled this out as a strategy to address the root cause of crime.

3 & 4 are ok and have been around for sometime now. I am not sure how Bunting intends to use these however , given the fact that he believes the root cause ( another of his many beliefs) is grounded in the violent culture of our people.

What Peter fails to recognize is if people does not believe in the justice system and that it is  it not designed to give poor people justice, then people will always take matters in their own hands.  Yet in his speech yesterday, he mentioned nothing about the creaking justice system.

Prong #3

I have not idea what this and has seen nothing in the print media.

Overall Summary

There is NOTHING in the recent announcement by Minister of National Security Peter Bunting to inspire confidence that he knows what it will take to attack the crime monster. There were no new initiatives, instead it was  mere rehash of existing policies that are in place and the token “gift” of a few vehicles which seems to accompany every speech when crime rises.

So, its crime business as usual. There was nothing yesterday to drive fear into the heart of criminals. Proof is that less than 2 hours after Mr Bunting speech a member of the police force was brutally murdered by criminals.

When will Jamaica have enough of the bulls$%t and demand real and decisive action, if we fail to do it now, we may never have the opportunity to do so, given the current murder trend.

Stop telling me about gangs, lotto scamming , guns for drug trade and reprisal killings. What I want to know is how are we going to attack these in a clinical manner and that was missing from Bunting speech.



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