The JLP is NOT a viable alternative at this point in time

The JLP is in a constant state off flux, internal conflict, mass confusion and a general lack of direction, which must be laid at the feet of the leader.

You cannot be an effective leader, if the people who you are attempting to lead, do not respect you and want you to lead them. In this case you are only a leader by name or in Andrews case, by winning the last leadership race.

The mistake that Andrew Holness has made is to believe that he is a leader of the JLP because he won a leadership race against his opponent. He may have one the actual race but really has lost the battle because up to this point in time he does not have a cohesive unit behind him.

Andrew Holness is akin to a dart board, with members of the party constantly throwing darts and him and really telling the world that ” him nuh ready yet”.

I was having a conversation with my brother recently who said the following.

” The PNP has proven they have a track record of economic failures and does not know what it takes to grow the economy. The JLP on the other hand has shown it knows what it takes to grow the economy and has done so on each occasion that it has been in power.

The difference between the two parties, however, is one constantly gets the chance to prove that it’s a failure, while the other cannot win and do what is does best, which is to deliver economic growth.

Despite the fact that the PNP has consistently failed   to deliver economic growth, this has not stopped them from beating the JLP like beating stick, time and time again, why is that the case? You cannot bring about economic growth if you cannot win an election and the JLP has not shown the capacity to win or to stay in power in the rare case where they have won. The stupid party is not willing to change.

For the JLP to deliver economic growth, they must be elected and for them to be elected, they must become like the PNP.  By this I mean, the JLP must have a leader like Portia Simpson Miller, with the ability to sell the party to the people. The leader must come across as being sincere and other members of her team, must also appear to be the same.  The leader must promise and deliver some sort of a crash program such as JEEP, with the intent that you are actually doing something for the most marginalized in the country.

Poor people do not want hear, that there lives will get better when the economy experiences growth, no,  they need short term benefits now, even for a few weeks  and this is what the PNP has done with JEEP. When the JLP said JEEP could not work, the PNP despite having almost no cash, found a way to deliver the JEEP, at least that is  the perception from those who were a part of the program. They got some money, maybe not a lot and not consistently but they are in a position to say under Portia we got JEEP and some benefits. It does not matter the expense to the country, the fact is it happened.

The JLP needs to spend time knowing the people who they need to appeal to. For the educated folks they can follow the logic and make reasonable deduction from what is taking place. For the not so educated, who may not posses the capacity to do so, they are more the feeling, touching type of people and you are measured by what is it that you say that appeals to them. Perception is everything !

The PNP has been able to make many grand announcements , in particular those that promise jobs, which is hope for the masses. The fact that none of this did happened is not held against the PNP because the PNP takes no responsibility for it not taking place, but instead blame the OCG, the media, the opposition and even the devil for failure and quickly move unto the next announcement.

The JLP in its current mode does not appeal to the people, cannot win and election and even if they do, will NEVER get the amount of time and/or latitude that is given to the PNP.

So, the party that can always deliver a victory does not have the ability to generate growth and economic prosperity based on their track record and the party that has a track record of delivery growth, does not have the capacity and or ability to deliver an electoral victory.”

In essence we a DEKCUF!



One Response

  1. Is this Factual. did not the last JLP government lead the country to 13 quarters of negative growth ?. can could not pass the IMF tests ?..

    Did you correct your brother on his factual inaccuracies… While the PNP growth may be small ( 1 percent etc) they have had growth and are passing IMF test.

    you may not respect the party, but at least respect Facts…

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