What’s the role of the MP’s in crime fighting. Every MP is being asked to present a crime plan for their area

Our government is made of elected members of parliament, who are from both political parties. Currently the division of MP representing both side is almost equal from a statistical stand point.

Let’s for the moment we assume that due to the antagonist nature of our politics, only those on the side of the government are willing to work to move this country forward, it would  mean than only half of all elected members would be engaged In national building and finding creative solutions to our problems .

Bear in mind that all 63 MEMBERS are collecting a salary paid from the public of this country, but would have been hardly seen to be actively working for that money. What if this was not the case, can you see the results if all 63 members actively working in their communities to address the issues on hand.

I am now issuing a public challenge to all MP’s as follows


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