Something Sinister has occurred in West Kingston and here is why ?

The recent killing of a policeman attached to the Denham town police station has raised a number of troubling  questions both of the Commissioner himself and of those senior officers stationed in that area.

When the female constabale Crystal Thomas was killed, the report from the police was very clear, it clearly and in a detailed manner outlined exactly what happen, where it happen, how it happened and what occurred after that tragic incident.

In this case, I have seen no less than 4 reports, all very different, none very clear on what happened, how it happened, the circumstances leading in up to what happened and what happened after the incident.

Let’s contrast both cases.

Crystal Thomas Lynden Barret
1 Clear outline of what happened , where it happened, how it happened , the circumstances leading to how it happened No clear outline where it happened, how it happened nor the circumstances leading up to how it happened
2 Gun was taken by criminals Gun not taken by prepetrators
3 Occurred about 9pm Occurred about 8pm , 1 hr earlier
4 Reports of how many bullet wounds before 24 hrs No reports of number of bullet wounds after 60 hrs
5 Suspects identified in less than 24 hrs No suspects identified after almost 60 hrs
Constable fiream was taken by criminals ( usual modus operandi) Constable fiream was not was taken by criminals (unusual modus operandi, always taken when targeted)
6 Constable firearm  covered in less than 24 hrs Gun was not taken
7 Suspects taken into custody in less than 24 hrs No suspects identified after almost 60 hrs
8 Spent shell recovered from crime scene No reports of any spent shell recovered from offiial police report
9 Body langauge of the senior cops very militant and angry Subdued body langaued from very same cops
10 Residents provided critical information to cops to nab suspects Same residents, refuse (according to cops) to assist in this case
11 No controversy about who killed this cops Disputed claim about who killed this cop
12 Not necessary There is “scientific” evidence to support the fact, this killing was not done by the police

Re : Item number 12.

This can only be possible if an autopsy has been done on the body, the slugs have been removed and sent to ballistic lab for testing and it has been confirmed that the slugs removed are not of the type issued by the police.

As far as I know, this has not yet been done and we know in Jamaica that these kind of test takes weeks and not hours so I doubt the police have any sort of refutable scientific evidence.

Let’s however assume that all what I said above was in fact done and by some miracle we have test results to suggest that the slugs found were not from standard police issue, does that really prove the policeman was not killed by a cop ?

No readers, hell no, it could mean the cop was in fact killed by the police who were not using the standard issued firearm that was supplied by the JCF

This would therefore raise another set of even more troubling questions (

  1. Why would the police have a different weapon from that supplied by the police  force
  2. Why would the police have different set of bullets that that supplied by the police force
  3. Why would the police open fire on him, did they mistake him for a gunman?
  4. What reason would they have to think he was a gunman, did he have a exposed firearm.
  5. What would cause the cop not to use his government issued firearm to do this particular shooting
  6. Was this intentional. If not why would you use a none issue firearm unless it is to conceal something?
  7. Was this killing a setup, was it premeditated or a case of mistaken identify. Even so, the action to use a non-issued firearm and or bullets could not have been an error it would have had to be a deliberate choice. In this case why ?
  8. This would mean the presence of illegal firearm as well as bullets in the possession of the police.

The longer the Commissioner takes to clear the air on this the faster his goodwill would have diminished and he would be seen like all the other COP, cover up from your men and put up straw-men, who will ultimately be taken out having been wrongly accused of a criminal event, while those truly responsible are allowed to get away with it.

Something just does not seem right, feel right about this case and I am now wondering about the Commissioner of police capacity to get this one right.

Dr Williams your officers are working overtime to suggest they are not responsible and less time to find who they believe are responsible


Dr Williams, you have less than 24 hrs to regain the trust of the people of Jamaica, do not waste it.


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