Suspect(Triggerman) implicated in woman constable killing is dead ?

Commonsenseja understands that the apparent trigger man who was implicated in the killing of woman Constable Crystal Thomas is reported to have died at hospital.

The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear, but we understand that he became ill while in police custody and was taken to the hospital were he died while undergoing treatment.

The major news outlets  need to get an official statement from the communication arm of the police. The should also ask the CCN to indicate how the gun from the cop was retrieved or was in brought to the station by a certain individual.


3 Responses

  1. You have raised some very good points here. Whilst I simply abhor any attack on the police as an attack on the state, I am a bit concerned about the way these attacks are being reported. Where did the murder of the Policewoman occurred? Spanish Town Road? Where? The murder of the policeman was reported as West Kingston.

    • @ Chucks,
      There need to be answers. A life has been lost and someone MUST be held responsible. We must not and should not allow a cover up. We should not accept either anyone being setup for this . The truth must be told and that must be done quickly.

      Its now I miss McGregor !

  2. The media is now reporting this news.

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