Why are these congress people interfering in Jamaica’s business. Government should condemn their action !

News broke yesterday, that five congress people on a frolic on their own decided to write to the US President , pleading with him to interceded with the IMF on the behalf of the Jamaican people.

I am not sure where these people get off thinking, they can just place themselves in the middle of the affairs of the country, when no one asked them to intercede on our behalf,because there is no need to do so.

I say this against the background of the following:

  1. The government is passing all these IMF test and says they are staying the course because its working
  2. EPOC says we must stay the course because its working
  3. Dr Damien King, says anything outside of what we are doing is madness, we must stay the course because it working
  4. The Union just yesterday told the government to stay the course because its working
  5. There is no social unrest in the country, so people are willing to stay the course.

Given 1-5, why do these congress people think it was necessary to get involved in Jamaica’s business, when no one asked them to. They are an interfering bunch and should stay out of our affairs because by all accounts the program is working and the people of Jamaica are willing to work with the government to stay the course.

From a union leader who is trying to get more for its workers

A prominent trade union leader is urging the Government to “stay the course” of economic reform, saying that Jamaica attempted reforms in the past but abandoned the effort once the “going got tough”.

“We have been at this place before. We have made efforts at economic reform but when the going got tough, instead of the tough get going, we abandoned the path because of the difficulties,” said Helene Davis Whyte, vice-president of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions.


I do not think the PNP administration asked these people for help and therefore the administration should send a very strong  message to these congress people , that they should butt out because we are capable of getting ourselves out of this problem.

Here is a link to that letter


I hope the government condemn this action no later than today.


4 Responses

  1. Don’t hold your breath!

  2. I would like to apologize for my comments here where I chided the US Congress folks for taking the unusual step to write to the US President asking asking him to intercede with the IMF on Jamaica’s behalf.

    I was of the opinion that given the fact that the IMF program was working based on all that is in the public sphere, there were interfering in our affairs.

    Now that the government has admitted that it was they who initiated the conversation, I am taking back all I said 🙂

    • It is always good to see you withdraw your foot from your mouth in fine style. Anyone with a modicum of common sense ought to have known that there were behind the scenes lobbying efforts taking place by intermediaries/third parties. Only Jay could think that a group of Congress people would initiate such a plan without any form of external pressures.

      Again, you Labourites (Chucks, Calconic, Jay, et. al) have confirmed that you guys are clueless and brainless.

      • Dr Phillips and the PNP embarrassed me and bruised my ego , because here I was saying there is no way a proud PNP for whom the program was working, would ask for such favours.

        Test, you should know be very well, does this particular post looks like something that a Jay would write in defense of the PNP. Think about it really hard and read it once again.

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