Politics, Religion and the PNP !

All the above have one main thing in common, they all tend to offer HOPE and they rely on FAITH and BELIEF .

Le’s define the three.

HOPE = a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

FAITH = strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.

BELIEF = an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

So, many poor Jamaicans  HOPE the PNP will make their lives  better. They have FAITH in the PNP and are of the BELIEF that, if they stick it out with that kind of leadership, then something good will happen to  them  and their families sometime in the future.

So people have an expectation and/or a desire for something good to happen. They have a strong belief that the Prime Minister of Jamaica having come as she says ” from the people”, will do things to improve their lives despite no proof given the record over the last 22 years of PNP rule.

They have FAITH that she will be true to her word due to the invocation of spiritual conviction, once again despite the fact that in 22 of the last 26 years, nothing has happen.

A leader of a poor country who has strong religious beliefs have been found more often than not to be the worst leaders and invariable allow their people to wallow in poverty while continuously holding unto the hope, that the leader will eventually come through for them.

Due to the  poor(people) , often very strong religious beliefs, these leaders prey on their faith and belief structure to exploit them for their own selfish goals, while offering “symbolic trinkets” resembling hope.

They speak the people’s language, they express empathy, they say the understand your pain and suffering, because they have been their and understand  what the poor is going through, but they need just one more term, just another chance to get it right.

It is often said the more educated people become, the less than can be manipulated, the lower the reliance on faith and a belief structure, which is not grounded in any sort of facts and instead a greater reliance on ones own efforts, while still recognize the existence of a higher being.

The PNP sells HOPE, it relies on our religious conviction and BELIEF  in particular those of  the poor who sees no way out of poverty, placing FAITH in the elected ones to take them out decades of poverty.

The PNP focus is almost always the symbolic ” POVERTY ALLEVIATION”. It sounds like a nice word to the poor, but what on earth does it really mean.

ALLEVIATION  –  To make (pain, for example) less intense or more bearable.

So the constant promise of the PNP is not to make the poor become lower middle income or even middle income, but it is to make the “PAIN-P” more bearable, less intense, but the sickness of poverty will always remain.

Poverty Eradication on the other, is not something you are likely to hear from Portia Simpson Miller and the PNP, for the simple reason, once poverty goes, their is less reliance on faith, hope or the belief that someone is going to do something for me to make my life better, so I  will no longer listen to the BS from these politicians.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for one minute knocking religion is its truest form, instead what I am saying, is the PNP more than any other party has always used this  route to keep this country poor and will continue to do so for as long as they are in power.

Its not that some poor won’t rise from poverty, but the fact is the majority who are poor today will remain poor in the next 25 years, were the PNP to given unbroken leadership during this time.

The saying the “poor shall always be with us”, should become the new PNP Mantra.

Who will say all the above to the poor and will the believe it. well i can tell you this, despite the facts that before us, the poor will not believe a word of what I have said and instead choose to continue to have hope, faith and belief in the very system that have kept them and their families in the very position they find themselves today for decades.

This is the reason why scamming can be proliferated in Jamaica so easy today, no matter how dumb the scam appears to be. There is always someone who has gained and is willing to sell the impossible to a set of believers.



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