The Minister of National Security should review the bail act now!

Some months ago, the Minister of National Security was taken to task for suggesting that his ministry will be reviewing the bail act. Part of this review was to ensure that for some categories of murder, that alleged perpetrator  would not be allowed to take up bail.

The country erupted, with the Human Rights folks, the lawyers, the” ever on” air analyst and commentators as well as civil society suggesting its a terrible idea and would take away a person civil liberties.

The government apparently has backed off this proposal given the fact that I have heard nothing from then since then.

Fast forward to Jan 2017, we hear the very same people suggesting it was an egregious act for a JP who also happens to be the  Principal of a girls school to have signed the bail bond of an alleged rapist.

The very same smart, bright and well thinking people are today suggesting some other JP who apparently who would not be in good standing, should have  been asked by Ms Murray to sign the bail bond.

Do these people really understand what they are saying, well let me breakdown what I are the implications of this misguided view.

Those who are called upon to be JP, should have the following attributes

  1. Be in good standing
  2. Are honest and reputable and know by the community in which they operate

Those likely to be JP therefore are the following

  1. Lawyers
  2. Doctors
  3. School Principals
  4. Members of the clergy
  5. Policemen etc

To have a bail bond signed by a JP, the JP ought to know you and have known you for sometime, that is the basis on which they are allowed to sign.

So when I hear the suggestion be made that Ms Murray should have not signed the bail bond and instead should have asked someone else to do so, who may not even know the man, were they suggesting she be dishonest, given the basis on which a JP is supposed to sign.

Truth be told, they are not saying he should not be offered bail, but instead he should be denied bail by virtue of the fact that anyone one in good standing as a JP and  signs such a bail bond, would be supporting the alleged rapist.

Minister it is very clear to me therefore, that civil society is totally confused and have no idea what they want or what they should support. I therefore urge you to move swiftly to amend the bail act , which would make it impossible for some people to get bail.

Over to you Sir

Deal with the backlash, which won’t go beyond 9 days, but will surely will happen is a alleged murder would not be on the street on unleash terror on the rest of us.





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