Caribbean Cement Company stock explodes, up 372% since the start of the year !

Despite the doom and gloom, their seems to be some excitement on the Jamaica Stock Exchnage and specifically as it relates to the stocks of Caribbean Cement Company.

After being in the doldrums now for the better part of 10 years with low stock prices ( $1.68) and no dividend for a long time, CCC has exploded since the start of the year.

On Jan 2,2015 at the first day of  trading CCC was being sold for a measly $2.39, but over the last few weeks, the stock prices has simply exploded.

At the end of trading today, a day which over 250k shares were traded, each stock of Caribbean Cement was valued at $8.89.

In just over 6 months Caribbean Cement Share price has jumped by a mind boggling 372% !

Let’s see what this means in dollar and cents

If Jan 1, 2015 you owned 10,000 shares of CCC it would have been worth $23,900

If you sold today at the closing price of $8.89 per share you would have grossed $88,890 for a gross profit of about $64,990 in a mere 7 months  on a $23,900 investment ( plus expenses)

Will the bull run on CCC continues and will is surge above its highest sale price of over $12 which was hit around 2006


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  1. One question. Why? I’m not on the island, but is there housing boom going on?

    • Construction is actually down. no housing boom. I believe they have been increasing exports. On the emotional side, nothing else is going on so their is some amount of attention being directed at stocks

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