Poor Portia, bungling and speaking nonsense.

The Prime Minister in her presentation to parliament yesterday, said she had no authority to instruct the NHT .

They are governed by their Act, but I will protect the interest of the Trust and the people of Jamaica,” she said

Right after that then this

She instructed the board to explore ways of using the property for social and physical infrastructure to enhance the quality of life and for the entertainment of NHT contributors, Jamaicans and visitors.


I thought the Prime Minister had no authority to instruct the NHT, so what the crap is going on here.

The more the PM spoke , the more embarrassing was the presentation.


2 Responses

  1. Suh yu still tink Mama P neva know nutten? The reality is that the transaction can only be justified by the likes of Lambert Brown. They are actively creating the election slush fund.

    • Sam
      I know what happened, I am using their own words to show them up. I will follow their line (lying) all the way.

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