Fake “sick” certificates

Doctors across Jamaica would have written thousands of fake sick certificates over the last few days as the police went on island-wide “sick out”.

Now a sick certificate is supposed to be a genuine document used to validate the fact that you were indeed sick and so could not carry out your contractual duties. In most organisations you are actually paid for these days.

People who are not sick and get sick certificates are not only unethical, but can be considered to be corrupt as well.  If so many cops were able to do this it shows the level of thinking that exist at the rank and file level as it relates to acts of corruption

Doctors who wrote these certificates have aided  and abetted acts of corruption themselves and should be investigated by the Medical Association of Jamaica  .

All police who are suspected of gaining and submitting these fake documents should be placed on a watch list for corruption.


3 Responses

  1. I agree 100% that fake illness is dishonesty on the part of the police…..but doctors can only act based on a complaint for which the complainer bears full responsibility. The doctor can only suspect

    • I agree, notice I did suggest that the doctors were equally dishonest

      • Yes Jay….but I remember well a case in Spanish town of a manager accusing a doctor of a false certificate….it cost him dearly in court. The country is in the gutter with corruption… it requires professionals’ compliance with integrity. We don’t find that easily in the courts, so I think we have a long way to go.
        Still, it is practically impossible for a doctor to say to a patient that he does not have an ache or pain or to challenge his patient by saying “you do not feel ill”. The police persons have to take the blame squarely.

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