Why is the construction sector up in arms with the CHEC and others?

The Jamaican population for decades have been suffering at hands of local contractors, who have been awarded government contracts, which they have then  subcontracted to others, who then subcontract to others. At the end of all these serial subcontracts, you end up with projects that are late and subjects to millions of dollars in cost overrun which have to be paid for by you and I ie the tax payers.

We now have a situation where the Chinese players have entered into major contracts with the GOJ, which are being done in record time, as these folks work day and night to meet their contractual obligations. In addition to this, many of these projects are funded by the Chinese entities, which removes the burden from the tax payers of this country, given the generous terms that have been negotiated .

In the last few years, I have not heard of a major project that has had a cost overrun or have been late, which is supposed to be good for the country.

All the above in most countries would be good signs, not so in Jamaica, a country which has been used to making a “killing” off poorly supervised government contracts. The fact that we have all positives mentioned above, is not good for many in this country and one is therefore left to ask, why?

The answer is not what you have been given about unfair competition, because of concession given to the Chinese contractors( not that this is not the case). I posit that the real reason is the loss of access to billions of dollars in earnings from poorly executed projects, which have resulted in cost overrun, that is the meat of the matter.

Nothing prevents the major companies in Jamaica from forming joint ventures and scaling up, they have the equipment and expertise to do so, so why this is not happening. The answer is simple, no one is willing to share in the spoils of the pork barrel, so its all or nothing.

For the first time in decades we see major infrastructural work being done and we don’t hear any word on “cost over runs”, which means the Jamaican public is finally getting value for money.

I say to the GOJ, stay the course, its time for tax payers of this country to get a break and stop being taken for a ride by those who seek to place their interest ahead of that of the country .



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