Peter Bunting represents the kind of leader Jamaica cannot afford to have.

Many of us listened with amazement to a youtube video, where the former ( yes former) potential leader of the PNP, Peter Bunting, was seen and heard, basically questioning the presence of the Chinese in Jamaica.

Peter appears to be suffering from Dementia or gross intellectual dishonesty, by taking this position when his government totally embraced the Chinese and all the projects they have laid down here in Jamaica.

The Chinese government like those before them have been very good to us, laying down major infrastructural projects, that country desperately needs but cannot afford. One should note that these projects are not 2 year, 5 years or even 10 years projects, these are projects that will last for generations if properly maintained and will outlive many of us. How therefore can one explain Mr Buntings seemingly irrational behaviour after less than 2 years in opposition?

One thing I can say for sure, is that the Phillip Paulwell camp, is sitting back laughing at the dumb statements being made by Bunting, who has moving away from being the next leader and into oblivion once Paulwell emerges as the new leader. Frankly I shudder at the thought of either of these two people ever becoming Prime Minister of this country.

Jamaicans need to take note of all the comments being made by Peter Bunting and make it very clear that he certainly does not represent the future of Jamaica. Hopefully between now and 2036 a new leader can emerge as neither do I wish to see Paulwell ever become Prime Minister of this country.

The Jamaican population needs to shun Peter Bunting and send him into political wilderness, before he destroys our relationship with our foreign partners .


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