You don’t need to have the physical weapon to solve a murder case

Every gun manufacturer by law must fire each gun made and keep a ballistic record of each gun  along with matching serial number.

In addition to that the trace-ability system requires that all guns made and sold must be recorded by the manufacturer and the gun dealer.

Most of the guns in Jamaica ( licensed and unlicensed ) originates from the USA, where those rules are strictly enforced .

There was a recent case on the Island of Jamaica, where a suspect was freed partly due to the fact that there was no forensic evidence to tie him to a murder and the main witness was said to have recanted on earlier statements.

This week we got news that the file associated with the former suspect was missing just ahead of the case for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition amongst other charges.

Let’s go back to the forensic evidence however, given we heard that the same spent shell signature was found at the scene of a double murder back in 2009/2010 so we have a serial killer on the loose.

So the local cops had( not sure if that has gone missing too) the ballistic signature of the spent shell in the Mais murder case as well as that of two additional murders.

The local cops can work with the FBI through the local office, who will then make contact with the ATF in the USA to try and determine the serial number of this gun, which then can be traced all the way back to the final purchasers locally.

Recall I said the gun manufacturer has on record the ballistic signature of each gun it makes as well as the serial number as well as the primary dealer to which it was sold. This primary dealer must retain a record to the seller overseas in Jamaica to which the gun was sold.

The local deal must too maintain a record of all gun sales in Jamaica and to whom those guns were sold.

Cops contact local dealer of gun, local dealer provides information on overseas supplier, local cops pass this information to local FBI office, who in turn passes it unto the ATF. ATF does its check sends info back to the FBI, who in turn passes this on to the local cops.

So as you can see above, you can link the gun to the owner, without the need to have the physical weapon , all it required is a little effort on the part of local investigators.

Nothing prevents this from still taking place before the ballistic report as well as firearms records in Jamaica goes missing.

Linking the gun to the owner does not necessarily solve the problem, since you still need to prove that the owner of the gun was in possession of the gun on the night of the murder, which too could have been solved by cell phone information , plus information from the inboard satellite tracking system  from the vehicle, which can be obtained from BMW itself.

News has since emerged that the person acquitted was in fact not the shooter and it was a related party, which means that the murder case is still active and that person can in fact  be arrested and charged for murder provided we can find forensic data to tie him to the scene, which would be difficult but not impossible if you have a crack team of investigators aided by FBI  profilers and investigators which are currently here in Jamaica.

So the first step is to get the forensic evidence, then bring in the “new” suspect for questioning  have FBI profilers, Interrogators and ATF experts being part of the team aiding the local cops ( the have no legal jurisdiction here but can help local cops) . The USA EXPERTS plus the fact that the new “suspect” is likely an American citizen can use their expertise to drill this suspect into submission and get the desired outcome we need.

So the K Mais murder case is far from over, all it needs is a bit of ingenuity and follow my advise above.


I am not a law enforcement officer or is associated with any law enforcement team in Jamaica or overseas.










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