Peter Phillips and the PNP are very disingenuous

Now opposition spokesman on Finance and former Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips, worked with technocrats at the MOF for 4 years during which time he Dr Phillips was praised for his excellent work with the management of the country’s economy.

Dr Phillips work could not have been achieved without those folks employed to the MOF, given then he (Dr Phillips) had no formal training in either economics or Finance.

It therefore has come as a shocker to me than less than 2 months after he lost his job, Dr Phillips has the “gall” to question the capabilities of the very people who taught him the job and managed the affairs on the country on his behalf.

Are we to believe that in just two months, these once brilliant people have become idiots?

Dr Peter Phillips spent almost two hrs giving a presentation that was meaningless and offered nothing in terms of an alternative path for the economy. Dr Phillps during his time imposed in Jamaicans over $52B in new taxes in just 4 years and the country did not collapse.

To help fund the budget, the PNP took $44B from the NHT over the 4 years period, because there was simply no alternative and to now hear the man speak, cleary shows who was doing the real work at the MOF.

Without the folks of the MOF to help him Dr Phillips prepared a response to the budget without substance and provide zero ideas on moving Jamaica from poverty to prosperity. In fact it would appear that he thinks the country will fail because the PNP is now in power, oh the absolute temerity of this man.

What is clear is the PNP had no new plan for this country and so the people of Jamaica must be commended for their foresight in rejecting the PNP at the last election.

It is really hard to be a public servant in this country and its not wonder the best minds would rather go away vs working in the public sector.





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